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3 Uncommon Causes of Acne and the Solutions

Many factors cause acne. Let me share 3 causes that will surprise you.

1) Hair Conditioner
Many conditioners contain petroleum, silicone, jojoba oil, or oil-based products. They clog pores and trap bacteria if not rinse off well. As a result, a breakout may occur.

Wash your face and body after you rinse off your hair conditioner. This ensures your skin is clean

2) Pillowcase & Bedsheet
Our hair traps dust, scalp produces sebum and our body perspires during sleep. All these causes our sheets to breed bacteria and germs

Wash your bed sheet weekly, pillowcase twice a week. You can place a smooth cloth over your pillow and change daily too.

3) Wearing Surgical Mask
Maskne is the new name for acne caused by wearing of mask. Wearing mask causes heat and humidity around the lower face. It encourages bacteria growth. The movement of mask causes abrasion against your skin.

Avoid heavy makeup. Splash lower face with water and pat it dry to keep it cool. Apply some Vaseline on the edges of the mask to reduce friction. Always wear a new or clean mask daily. 

Contributed by : Sharyln