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Achieve Smoother Skin Results At Home

While we are working from home most of the days now, let's make the best out of it by giving your skin a makeover (without anyone's knowledge)

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Having a Smoother Skin Means

You save time on putting layers of makeup to create flawless skin

You save money. No need to buy foundation, concealer.

A happier self with greater self-confidence and esteem in public

What can KLER REJURAN ScarFree Home Kit do for you

Skin feels hydrated. Skin is nicer to touch.

after 1 treatment

Enlarged pores and superficial acne scars reducing

after 2 treatments

See clearer,
smoother skin

from 4th treatment

*statistics gathered from customers. results may vary

Treating acne scars require more time as compared to treating acne and pigmentation. Depending on the conditions of your acne scars, Improvements will start to be seen after 2-3 treatments. The faster you get started, the better those scars will look in a few months or even weeks.

Customer Treatment Journey

Vishwa came to us wanting to treat both his acne and acne scars last Dec 2019. We advised him to treat his acne first then the scars as his acne is in active stage. The scars treatment may cause breakouts as it promotes collagen regeneration.

After 6 treatments over 3 months, his acne is under controlled and we started to treat his acne scars. Due to circuit breaker, he switched to KLER ScarFree Home Kit and you can see the improvements below.

Taken before acne treatment. You can see the redness and bumps on his cheeks

Taken after first acne scar treatment

Taken after 3 Scarless (acne scars) treatments.
Self-application at home

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Buy KLER REJURAN ScarFree Home Kit Now & Be Acne Scar Free 

Each kit contains 2 treatments to be done at home. Kit 1 has a total of 2.2% c-PDRN while Kit 2 has a total of 2.4% c-PDRN and a 30ml Concentrate (0.4% c-PDRN serum) for daily application. To see faster results, Kit 2 is recommended.

Depending on your condition and preference, choose the suitable Home Kit. 3-4 treatments are needed to start seeing distinct improvement. 

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