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Perfect Pair. Fairer Skin

Introducing the pair of KLER MelaClear Whitening Serum and KLER Stainless Whitening Elixir.

Taking care of your skin using a single product is wisdom. However, utilizing multiple effective products is wisdom taken to another level. At Sharyln & Co, we have these two products whose combination will benefit your skin better.

KLER MelaClear prevents pigmentation and promotes skin whitening. KLER Stainless lightens existing skin pigmentation such as sun spots, acne marks. Aside from the skin whitening benefits, the latest autophagy controlling technology makes KLER MelaClear Whitening Serum effective for reducing pigmentation and brightening up the skin.  

KLER MelaClear is your perfect product for refined and smoother skin.

It consists of Arisaema amurense Extract and tyrosinase inhibitors for melanin erasing and melanogenesis inhibition. They together further enhance the skin-lightening capability of MelaClear.

It is one product you won't want to stop using.

How about the idea of saving up $55 when you buy one KLER MelaClear Whitening Serum? Enjoy the best of both worlds as you get a 8ml KLER Stainless Whitening Elixir for free. 

KLER Stainless lightens your dark spots, freckles, and all forms of pigmentation. It is also suitable for line reduction.

The KLER Stainless product is a superior cellular energizer antioxidant complex for all types of skin. It contains glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. These constituents are pivotal in the biological oxidation-reduction process in the skin. The glutamic acid also acts as a coenzyme that helps to overcome skin problems effectively. KLER Stainless removes pigmentation through amino acids' bio cellular synthesis of melanocytes. On or before the end of a 7-day application, you are sure to see your pigmentation becomes lighter and your skin lifted, firmer. 


“Stainless is an awesome product! I could see my melasma lightened after 1 bottle”
Lindy, Florist

“Used 3 bottles of KLER Stainless and my sun spots almost gone”
Cherie, Project Manager 

Save yourself some extra bucks if you complete this order now. Buy KLER MelaClear Whitening Serum now and get free KLER Stainless Whitening Elixir.