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Dark Spots, Freckles, Melasma without laser and chemical peel

Enjoy professional results at the comfort of your home.
No more concealer, skin laser or chemical peels! 

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Being Pigmentation Free means

You save time on putting makeup to create flawless skin

You can save money on buying foundation and concealer

A happier self with greater self-confidence and esteem in public

What can KLER StainFree Home Kit do for you

Lighten pigmentation (dark spots, marks, freckles, melasma)

Balance skin pH and hydration level
to keep skin supple

Reduce fine lines.
Delay ageing signs

*statistics gathered from customers. results may vary

78% of our customers see pigmentation becomes lighter after 1 treatment. The faster you get started, the faster those pigmentation will be gone in a few months or even weeks.

Customer Treatment Journey

Yulin’s freckles became a brown-grey patch due to lack of proper skincare during her younger days. She had tried facials, products but not laser as she is not a fan of ablative treatment. She had 3 KLER PigmentFree Facials and switched to KLER StainFree Home Kit. Below is her result:

Taken before treatment

Taken after 3 KLER PigmentFree Facials and 1 KLER StainFree Home Kit

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