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Beautiful Eyes Gift Pack

Beautiful Eyes Gift Pack

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With mask wearing, eyes become the focus of attention. Pamper yourself with beautiful eyes gift pack or give it as a gift to your friends or love ones.

KARE Eye Beautifier 15ml
Youthful eyes in 7 days! 

Taking care of the skin around our eyes is important, especially when we spend an average of 9 hours of screen time daily. Other than straining your eyes, you will start to squint or rub. It can cause premature lines to form. Containing a high level of antioxidant, the KARE Eye Beautifier helps you to improve dark circles, brighten up skin tone and prevent collagen degradation. It also lifts your droopy upper eyelids and further strengthens the eye contour.

Ange Paris Gardien Sleek Artistry Eyebrow Pencil (01 Brown)

Unleash your creativity and let your brows speak with the Sleek Artistry Eyebrow Pencil.

The pointy and angled tip is thoughtfully designed to create ultra-natural and ultra-real hair strokes brows. Soft and blendable, the lines create natural-looking depth and definition. Whether it’s thin and teeny lines that fakes the look of small brow hairs or thick lines to fill in spaces in the brows for a full and bold look, be your own brow magician however you want. Enjoy gliding the tip with its smooth and light finish made with natural oils and natural wax for long-lasting hold. With added sunflower seed oil that boasts superior moisturising and antioxidant properties, treat your eyebrows to a brush of nourishment whenever you sculpt your desired brow look. Experience eyebrow artistry anew with just a few niffy strokes and greet life with brows-to-die-for.

Free from Parabens, BHT and fragrance.

Ange Gardien Paris - Here's Proof Volumising Mascara (01 Black)

Volumising, curling and lifting wand that works like magic.

Great for serious to fun, work to play

Create thick, elongated and fuller lashes with this mascara with its dramatic lifting and curling effects. Formulated for buildability and minimising of clumps, the smudge-resistant and inky texture silkily coats each lash for volume and dimension. The innovative full-bodied brush engages with each lash while the tapered tip lengthens your corner lashes. Housed in a French-designed wand-like case to deliver an intensely volumizing effect to the lashes like magic.

Free from parabens, alcohol, and fragrance.



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