KLER FirmBright Facial [1 session]
KLER FirmBright Facial [1 session]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, KLER FirmBright Facial [1 session]
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, KLER FirmBright Facial [1 session]

KLER FirmBright Facial [1 session]

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Due to frequent contact with external irritants, dry air, dust and lifestyle preferences and ageing, our skin loses its natural moisture, fine texture skin elasticity. KLER FirmBright Facial tightens loose skin with Syneron Elos Skin Refirme and brightens skin with Syneron Elos Skin Rejuvenation. Complements with Korean-inspired facial massage. Complete with Firming Hard Mask.



  • Clinically-proven to tighten the skin, promote collagen regeneration and brighten skin. 
  • Hydrate skin
  • Reduce fine lines
  • Suitable as a maintenance clinical facial after Ulthera, Thermage, HIFU, Laser Whitening



  • Cleanse, Exfoliation of dead skin cells
  • Extractions
  • Syneron Elos Skin Rejuvenation for brightening
  • Syneron Elos Skin Refirme for face firming
  • Korean-Inspired Facial Massage (the pressure is heavier than usual Swedish facial massage as it breakdown fats and toxins. Some discomfort may be experienced)
  • Cold Hard Mask to lock-in the results



No special care required but it is always recommended to use a sunblock of minimum SPF25 daily and stay away from extreme sunlight, sauna or steam bath 28hrs after a facial treatment.



Depending on different body DNA, metabolism, lifestyle, and dietary habits, results vary for different individuals. Feel free to book a skincare consultation (video or face-to-face) with our Founder, Sharyln to get your personalised treatment plan.



  • For lightening severe pigmentation.
  • For active moderate to severe acne Skin
  • To do within 2 weeks post laser or chemical peeling
  • To do within 1 month after BOTOX, Threadlift and/or HA Fillers. You can choose to do KLER Skin Brightener Facial.
  • If you are currently taking oral isotretinoin / Accutane / Roaccutane. Please stop consuming for 2 weeks before undergoing this treatment.
  • If you have a history of light or photo-allergy unless willing to skip Skin Rejuvenation treatment.
  • For dark skin type (FP type 4-5) unless willing to skip Skin Rejuvenation treatment.
  • For skin disorders eg. Eczema/ keloids/ fresh scars/ skin cancer at the moment
  • For jaw surgery done within the last 1 year unless willing to skip facial massage.



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