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KLER STAINFREE Home Treatment Kit [8 Weekly Treatments]

KLER STAINFREE Home Treatment Kit [8 Weekly Treatments]

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KLER StainFree Treatment Kit is curated to lighten pigmentation such as freckles, dark spots and pimple marks. The Kit consists of

  • KLER STAINLESS Whitening Elixir, a potent antioxidant complex for all skin types. It contains glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine that plays an important role in biological oxidation-reduction and act as a coenzyme to effectively overcome skin problems. Glucamo facilitates your skin’s ability to receive nutrients, allows your skin to experience a naturally vibrant and radiant glow through nature’s best ingredients. KLER STAINLESS effectively removed targeted pigmentation through amino acids bio cellular synthesis of melanocytes.
  • Micro Derma Stamper (microneedle) promotes the penetration of KLER STAINLESS. Studies have proven that micro-injury stimulates the skin repair mechanism to release various cell growth factors eg EGF to repair the skin. Through stamping, the skin allowed serum to penetrate into skin deep to work with the cell growth factors to regenerate the skin.
  • KLER Collagen Whitening Mask, made in Germany, is a freeze-dried sheet mask that releases its ingredients into the skin when activated with water or rose water.

Paraben-Free. Chemical Free. Unique Formulation using Natural Ingredients.

Made in Italy, Germany



  • 8 bottles of KLER STAINLESS Whitening Elixir 10ml
  • 8 pieces of KLER Collagen Whitening Mask
  • 4 KLER Derma Stamper
  • 8 bottles of KLER Pure Rose Water 50ml

Come with FREE KYLN LY Facial Cleansing Cream worth $50. An ultra-gentle cleanser made from the natural source. Highly suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.



  • Lighten pigmentation (dark spots, marks, freckles)
  • Balance skin pH and hydration level to keep skin supple
  • Reduce fine lines
  • Suitable for all skin types



Ascorbic Acid, Glycogen, Glutathione-GSH, Carnosine, Collagen



  • Skin disorders eg. keloids/ fresh scars/ skin cancer/ birthmark
  • Sunburnt skin. Please wait for a week before you start the treatment.



A bottle of STAINLESS can last 7-9 days depending on the size of the treatment area.

On Day 1, open the cap and push the enzyme into the solution. Recap the bottle with a given plastic cap, shake well. Wash your face. Sterilised the micro derma stamper with the alcohol swab. Apply STAINLESS on the pigmented area. Gently stamp the derma stamper on the pigmentation, maximum 3 stamps per spot. You may see some redness and feel some warm. Store the balance in the fridge, apply to the treatment area every morning and night after toner. Discard balance of STAINLESS after 10 days. A detailed instruction will be given with the product.



Please avoid intense sun exposure, sauna, steam bath, applying oil-based skincare and facial scrub for the next 2 days. Avoid facial treatment such as laser, acid/chemical peel, diamond peel and intense facial massage for 1 week.



You will see the pigmented area lightens after 3 days. If irritations occur, please stop using and inform us immediately. Depending on your skincare regime, skin condition and lifestyle, results may vary.



For a severe condition, a course of 8-12 Weekly Treatment is recommended.

For mild to moderate condition, a course of 4-8 Weekly Treatment is recommended.