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Radiance Skin Gift Pack
Radiance Skin Gift Pack
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Radiance Skin Gift Pack

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An awesome combo of Rose Birdnest with Organic Honey and KLER MelaClear Brightening Serum to radiate your skin.

4 Variations for your selection


KLER MelaClear Brightening Serum 20ml 

Effectively reduces pigmentation and brighten up the skin with the latest technology – autophagy controlling. Consisting of Arisaema Amurense Extract, it erases melanin and inhibits melanogenesis. With the combination of other tyrosinase inhibitors, the skin lightening capability is further improved. The continuous use of this whitening serum leaves your skin smoother, brighter and prevent pigmentation.

KLER Radiance Mask, 5 sheets 

Looking for an instant glow on your skin? This pampering mask is formulated with milk acid to revitalise and promote fairer-looking skin. It gives intense hydration to improve skin suppleness and softness while enhancing elasticity. Skin regains brightness and luminosity. 

Rose Bird’s Nest with Organic Honey
Water, Honey Rock Sugar,  Bird's Nest, Organic Pure Honey, French Rose

Enchanted by French Rose buds, this bird’s nest gives off bright and crisp notes, rejuvenating the mind and body. Antioxidant, improve skin elasticity and radiance. Versatile and compatible with any food, this refreshing tonic is recommended for those who like light and fruity flavours!

Bird’s Nest with Organic Honey
Water, Honey Rock Sugar Bird's Nest, Organic Pure Honey

Our classic premium bird’s nest. Imbued with 100% authentic honey for some organic sweetness! Adding our unique honey rock sugar, our Bird’s Nest with Honey is ideal for those who like the traditional bird’s nest taste!

Hand cleaned and all natural, we select the finest bird’s nests around Malaysia. Freshly cooked and infused with organic honey, enjoy one of the world’s finest delicacies with a honeyed twist!

No Artificial Flavourings, No Preservatives, No Colouring

Note: All natural bee products can cause allergies. Do consult a Physician if in doubt.


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