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9 Enemies of Your Skin

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It is important to take care of it. There are many lifestyles and environmental factors that can either improve or damage, your skin. Let me share what are the 9 enemies of your skin.

Enemy #1 - Diet
In this modern world, many of us tend to have a very poor diet. We load ourselves with fat, refined sugar, as well as carbohydrates, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, synthetic flavours, artificial food colourings, and so on. Overconsuming the wrong types of foods can lead to all kinds of skin disorders. For example, acne is linked to a diet high in refined carbohydrates and sugar. When your skin lacks nutrients, it will lead to sagging, wrinkling, poor skin tone, unbalanced complexion and increased outbreaks of spots or rashes.

Enemy #2 - Smoking
Smoking increases the production of an enzyme which breaks down collagen. It also restricts blood flow, preventing nutrient delivery to the skin cells. Smoking destroys both vitamins A and C, which your skin needs. This results in a pale complexion, and wrinkles around the mouth.

Enemy #3 - Cosmetics
Using non-comedogenic cosmetics does not mean that you will never clog your pores. It still depends a lot on your daily habits. For example, wearing makeup throughout the entire day, every single day, and not removing your makeup properly, is not a habit that is healthy for your skin. It affects your skin's ability to detox well.

Enemy #4 - Dehydration
Water is ESSENTIAL to the health of your skin. Most of us do not drink enough water. With most of our time spent in air-conditioned environments, our skin moisture will be sucked away by the dry air produced by air-conditioning. Skin that is without moisture is dry, dull and wrinkled. Simply applying hydrating skincare is not effective. The quality of the water you drink is also important. Tap water contains chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, synthetic hormones and recycled sewerage! It will be good to install a filter to your tap and showerhead. Your skin is made up of over 70% water, anything that upsets this balance will wreak havoc to the health of your skin.

Enemy #5 - Lack of exercise
You may be wondering why the lack of exercise is harmful to your skin. The reason is that exercise increases blood flow. And hence, it directly increases the flow of nutrients to your skin cells. Basically, any form of exercise that increases your heart rate is good for the skin.

Enemy #6 - Sudden weight loss
Yo-yo diets and sudden weight loss can cause your skin to sag and droop. When your skin gets overstretched, it may never return to its original shape. This is the exact reason why a plastic surgeon may need to nip and tuck some patients' tummies after liposuction. Pacing your weight loss and supplementing the process with toning exercises will help your skin to shrink back, and match your new body size.

Enemy #7 - Sunlight
This is a hotly debatable topic. There are countless warnings about sun ageing and skin cancer. We are told to wear sunscreen. But yet, sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D. There are 3 types of sun rays - UVA, UVB and UVC. We can ignore UVC as it rarely reaches the Earth. UVB exists in natural sunlight, while a lot of UVA is emitted from sunbeds. UVB penetrates as deep as the lower epidermis, causing damage to the basal cells and causes wrinkles. UVA can penetrate even deeper, into the dermis and cause sagging. For the sake of healthy skin and to ensure that you have your Vitamin D, do practice some sensible measures, such as planning outdoor activities in the morning or evening. Stay indoors during the afternoon. If you do head out under the afternoon sun, always remember to apply sunblock.

Enemy #8 - Exposure to chemicals
Your skin is under constant, daily attack from certain irritants in skincare and the pollutants in the air. For example, most of our houses have cleaning chemicals such as detergent and bleach. These harsh chemicals may trigger contact dermatitis.

Enemy #9 - Quality of air
Dirty or stagnant air can trigger acne breakouts. It causes the P.acne to be active which can lead to skin inflammation. The skin must be exposed to fresh air.

Now that you know the 9 enemies of your skin that you have to fight against in order to have good skin, do consider making some simple adjustments to your lifestyle, if you find that any of these apply to you. Your skin will thank you!

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