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About Sharyln

Hello, and thank you for joining me here!

I'm Sharyln, the founder of Sharyln & Co.


My lifelong passion has always revolved around beauty. After completing my Diploma in Banking Finance, I embarked on an exciting journey to acquire an international skincare diploma, CIBTAC, and a Diploma in Professional Makeup. To ensure I stayed at the forefront of the industry, I engaged in freelance work with renowned beauty brands like Guerlain and La Prairie for over a decade, all while holding positions in various corporations.

My last 10 years in the medical aesthetics sector have expanded my knowledge of skincare even further. During this time, I was involved in the establishment and opening of beauty salons and medical aesthetics clinics, where I developed comprehensive treatment programs, sourced effective skincare products, trained therapists, and implemented successful marketing campaigns.

Working in the beauty industry has exposed me to a vast array of products and kept me updated on the latest advancements in aesthetics. It has also positioned me as the go-to person for skincare advice among friends, loved ones, and even my own teenage children, helping them maintain blemish-free skin.

Encouraged by the positive results experienced by those I've assisted, I decided to take a leap of faith and share my carefully curated treatment products and programs with everyone, with the ultimate goal of helping people achieve clear skin and regain their confidence.

I firmly believe that attaining healthy, radiant skin can be a straightforward process. If you're grappling with any skin issues, let us be the guiding hand that helps you overcome them.

On a personal note, I have a strong aversion to hard-selling and being subjected to high-pressure sales tactics. Therefore, I promise you that when you consult with us, you'll have complete freedom to decide whether you wish to proceed with our skin treatment offerings. There will be no pushy sales techniques involved.

Thank you for considering Sharyln & Co. We look forward to the opportunity to assist you on your journey towards beautiful, clear skin.


Sharyln Neo

Founder & Skincare Curator

CIBTAC. Diploma in Professional Makeup. ACTA Certified Trainer