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About Sharyln

Hello, happy to meet you here!

My name is Sharyln, the founder of Sharyln & Co.

My passion has always been in beauty. I told my mom if I couldn't get into Polytechnic, I will enter the beauty industry. After graduating with a Diploma in Banking Finance, I went on to pursue an international skincare diploma, CIBTAC and a Diploma in Professional Makeup. To stay updated, I took up freelance engagements with Guerlain, La Prairie and other beauty brands for 10 years while working in various corporations. 

My recent years in the medical aesthetics sector further increase my skincare knowledge. I was involved in the setup and opening of beauty salons and medical aesthetics clinics, developing treatment programs, sourcing for effective skincare products, training therapists, and implementing marketing campaigns.

Being in the beauty industry has exposed me to many products in the market, and kept me abreast of new products and advancements in the aesthetics field.

Because of what I do, I’m often the “go-to” person for skincare advice. I have helped my friends and loved ones, including my own children who are in the teen, stay blemish-free.

With the positive results experienced by them and their encouragement, I took the leap of faith to share my treatment products and programs with everyone, and fulfil my wish to help people achieve clear skin and regain their confidence.

I believe achieving good skin can be simple. If you are troubled by skin problems, let us help you.

Personally, I dislike hard-selling, and I do not like being hard-sold to. Therefore, my promise to you is you are completely free to decide if you wish to let us treat your skin problems after consultation. No pressuring sales tactics.

Clear skin, made possible.

Sharyln Neo

Founder & Personal Skincare Consultant

Whatsapp / Call : +6581813681
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CIBTAC Certified . Diploma in Professional Makeup . Certified ACTA Trainer