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About Us

Clear Skin, Made Possible

Drawing from Founder, Sharyln over 17 years of experience in skincare, including 7 years in the medical aesthetics field, Sharyln & Co is all set to help you have good skin by providing you with personalised and clinically-proven solutions where you become the best version of yourselves. We focus in skin concerns such as acne, pigmentation, acne scars, rosacea and eczema.

Is all about you… and your confidence.

We’re all about helping you to have good skin and looking good beyond confidence. We get to know you first through video chat, then we recommend the solutions which may include products and services not provided by us. We practice open and honest communication. It is about what you need and not what we can offer.

Only tried and tested products and treatments are being offered. Over the last 7 years, we work with doctors to curate treatments. Our Founder and the team will try them personally. If it doesn’t pass us, we don’t sell until we get it right. Formulation and treatments are constantly improved. We offer program-based yet personalised solutions where you can DIY or visit our aesthetic centre to let us perform for u.

If you read our ingredient list, you will see that our products are natural, free of harmful chemicals and so safe that even babies can use some of our products.

While we offer a comfortable treatment environment, do not mistake us for a spa, as we are not a place for relaxation. What we offer is a clean and comfortable environment where we focus on treating your skin concerns. If you have a busy schedule and would like a treatment that you can DIY at home, you can have our professional treatment kit delivered to you. These Home Kits are not the usual products where you can easily get from pharmacies or beauty stores. They are professional and clinical-grade products. 

We aim to be your trusted partner in your skincare and wellness journey at every stage of your life.