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My name is Sharyln, the founder of KYLN and KLER. KYLN focuses on acne-related skincare and treatments, while KLER focuses on pigmentation and acne scars.

My passion has always been in beauty. I have 17 years of experience in skincare, including 7 years in the medical aesthetics sector, where I was been deeply involved in the set up and opening of beauty salons, medical aesthetics clinics, and developed treatment programs, sourced for effective skincare products, trained therapists, and implemented marketing campaigns.

Being in the beauty industry has exposed me to many products on the market, and kept me abreast of new products and advancements in the aesthetics field. Because of what I do, I’m often the “go-to” person for skincare advice.

I look back five years ago, when my web designer, a person I have known for the past ten years, asked if I could help his friend, Jess. Jess was trying to treat her acne without the hormone pills she was taking to control her acne. You see, she yearned to be a mother but the hormone pills she was taking prevented her from conceiving.

She was then 29 years old. After chatting with her, I found out that she had been fighting acne problems since her teenage years. When she took the hormone pills, her big red pimples indeed reduced. However, the moment she stopped, they returned with a vengeance, despite her diligently going for facial treatments, changing her diet, and using whatever skincare product that could possibly treat acne. For her, nothing worked. To make things worse, her skin became sensitive after all the lasering, chemical peels and excessive use of anti-acne products. She often lamented, "I’m already past being a teenager…why do I still have acne?"

She chose to give up taking her usual pills for the sake of becoming a mom, and she was then immediately plagued by angry outbreaks of pimples. She shared that her hubby even avoided kissing her. Needless to say, her confidence level plummeted.

Poor girl. I knew she could be an acne-free mom. I gave her my advice to stop taking the hormone pills, and instead asked her to try my acne serum and a treatment course of six sessions whereby I would go to her home to do the treatment for her. It was obvious she was hesitant and skeptical at first, but really who could blame her? After all, she pretty much tried everything in the market and at best it did not work; at worst, it made her condition worse.

In the end, after discussing with her hubby, she decided to give my suggestions a try, on the basis that I was recommended by her friend, who was the web designer I mentioned.

To cut the long story short, by the fourth treatment with the use of my acne serum, her acne subsided and was under control. By the end of all six treatments, she could hardly see any pimples. She had stopped taking her hormone pills and continued to use my acne serum. But here is the most important part: she became a mother.

Over the years, I have helped my friends and loved ones, including my own children who are currently sixteen and twelve years of age, stay blemish-free. With the positive results experienced by them and their encouragement, I decided to take a leap of faith and share my treatment products and programs with everyone, and fulfil my wish to help people with skin problems achieve clear skin and regain their confidence.

Acne, pigmentation and acne scars, including enlarged pores, are constantly the top three skin challenges here in Singapore. Most of us suffer acne outbreaks during our teenage years, leaving some of us with unpleasant acne scars and marks. And there's a group of us that loves the sun so much that it causes us to have freckles, sun spots and sun-damaged skin later in life.

If you are troubled by any of these three skin problems, we want to help you. While we offer a comfortable treatment environment, do not mistake us for a spa, as we are not a place for relaxation. What we offer is a clean and comfortable environment where we focus on treating your acne, pigmentation and acne scars. If you have a busy schedule and would like treatment that you can DIY at home, you can have our professional treatment kit delivers to you and we will guide you how to it and achieve salon results. These Home Kits are not the usual products where you can easily get from pharmacies or beauty stores. They are professional or media-grade products. 

We believe achieving good skin can be simple. First, we find out the "why", then we treat, and finally we maintain. Depending on the severity of your condition, the intensity and time frame of our treatments vary between one to three months. Treatment plans are provided after consultation and skin profiling which can be done online or face-to-face. I personally dislike hard-selling, and I certainly do not like being hard-sold to. Therefore, my promise to you is that after speaking with us, you are completely free to decide if you wish to let us treat your skin problems. You will not hear a word of pushy sales pitches from us.

Our acne, pigmentation and acne scar treatment programs are carefully curated and vigorously tested for their effectiveness with a team of dermatology specialists. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, you can choose to do the treatment yourself in the comfort of your home, visit our aesthetics centre, or do both in combination.

Our products and treatments are from natural sources which are in line with our mission to help you achieve good skin without the use of lasers, chemical peels or medications.

Having flawless skin is possible. Let us help you.


Sharyln Neo
Founder & Personal Skincare Consultant

Whatsapp / Call : +6581813681
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CIBTAC Certified . Diploma in Professional Makeup . Certified ACTA Trainer