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How did the Sharyln & Co brand started?

Sharyln & Co was born out of passion and frustration by the founder Sharyln to help people solve their skin problems to achieve clear skin and regain confidence.

She understands that consumers are often confused by the plethora of products in the market and pressured by the latest trend resulting in choosing the wrong product for their skin type.

She wants to use her extensive working knowledge as a certified skincare aesthetician, makeup artist, and skin care treatment curator to help people choose the right skincare products to suit their skin type at every stage of their life.


What do Sharyln & Co stands by?

We stand by 3 values - S.C.E.

Easy to follow routine and usage. If you have any question, we are just a phone call or Whatsapp away.

Can DIY at home or let our aestheticians do the job. You choose whichever is convenient to you.

Tried and proven to work. 


What skin problems do Sharyln & Co solve?

We focus on treating acne, eczema and acne rosacea. We often treat pigmentation and acne scars left behind by skin blemishes too. We can't promise miracles, but we can provide you with ways to manage and control your skin challenges.

Acne, pigmentation, eczema and acne rosacea are skin conditions that come and go almost whenever they like. Many factors trigger them. We can manage these conditions and prevent them from flaring up too often. Acne scars are often due to skin trauma. They can be treated with products or treatment depending on the severity. The key reduce skin trauma is not to scratch, prick or extract.


What skin types are Sharyln & Co products suitable for? Can I use it if I have sensitive skin?

All our products are suitable for sensitive skin, including rosacea and eczema. We test our products on various skin types and tones. We incorporate feedback into our formulations.

We know that everyone's skin is unique. We recommend reading through our ingredients list to see if you may be allergic to any of them. For example, we have come across people allergic to aloe vera gel when almost everyone finds it soothing.


What makes Sharyln & Co products effective?

Resolving the root cause of skin problems is the key to clear skin. Our products focus on balancing the skin sebum and hydration, reducing skin inflammation and strengthening the skin barrier. When your skin isn't irritated or traumatised, you don't get breakouts or skin flaws.

Ingredients are chosen for their efficacy and safety. We use ingredients that are produced with minimal environmental impact.

Our formulas work harmoniously with the skin’s natural function to deliver noticeable results without irritation or discomfort. We do not use parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), or alcohol. Our products undergo rigorous testing at independent labs, including on the founder and members of her family and friends, to ensure they are safe and kind for the skin.

We personalised skincare routines for customers by discussing their skin types, lifestyles, the solutions into their daily routines. We know what may be good products to use initially may not be suitable for you now. Our experienced team helps customers discover how to maintain their best skin.


How long does it take to see results?

Skin improvement should be seen after one to two weeks, depending on the product used. Improvement is more significant and faster for those who combine facial treatments and product use. For example, customers who used KYLN Spotless Acne Serum coupled with AcneFree treatment at our centre versus only applying product at home saw lesser breakouts and more clearer face after two weeks.


Where are Sharyln & Co products made?

Most of our products are made in Singapore, except for a few items manufactured in Indonesia, Korea, Australia, and the United States. We focus on which manufacturer can make the products with the ingredients we want and not where they are made.


What is the shelf life of Sharyln & Co products?

Our products generally have a shelf life of 24 months unopened and an opened shelf life of 3 to 6 months. We strongly believe in keeping our products fresh, ensuring that you get Sharyln & Co products at the peak of their potency for maximum results. Hence we make our products in small batches with individual package dosages lasting around 5-6 weeks. Not to mention, our products' sizes are good for travelling too.


Are Sharyln & Co products safe for kids/all ages?

Our products are suitable for children aged 8 years and older. Our KYLN Maskne Toner and KARE Eczema Soother Toner are suitable for babies with dilution 1:1 with filtered water. We plan to expand our baby product line in the near future. Our customers’ children use our products too! They often ask us about purchasing larger bottle sizes for sharing with their children. We will look into bulk sizes in the near future.


Are Sharyln & Co products safe to use during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding? 

Our products are designed with the utmost care and are safe for use during pregnancy and nursing. That being said, we understand that our skin changes during pregnancy. We recommend our customers to speak with their doctors and take the precautionary measures they see fit throughout and after pregnancy. Always clean your nipples before breastfeeding or expressing breast milk.


Are Sharyln & Co products cruelty-free? Do you test products on animals?   

We proudly do not test on animals.


Are Sharyln & Co products fragrance-free?

Currently, four of our products contain fragrances. We do our best to avoid the use of fragrances. However, we sometimes use fragrances when it is necessary to mask the odour of certain ingredients. We only choose high-grade fragrances that are safe and do not cause skin irritation.

Essential oils can also cause skin irritations; a product labelled as “fragrance-free” does not guarantee that it is safe for your skin.


Are Sharyln & Co products vegan?

Our first principle is not about selling a vegan product but a safe and effective product. There are many schools of thought and marketing that tout the benefits of plant-based or vegan products, but it is important to understand that the safest products are those whose ingredients are formulated in the right percentage.

Currently, most of our products are natural and/or vegan. One of our products contains Salmon DNA; however, we are researching alternatives so that we can replace it. We seek to use the most responsible and sustainable ingredients available.


Are Sharyln & Co products sustainable?

We support green and sustainability movements. We use reusable containers (such as glass bottles), avoid plastic whenever possible and recycle bubble wrap from suppliers to protect products during shipping.

Our products do not come with an individual box unless otherwise required. For example, our customers pay for gift wrapping (to save trees). Our website provides all the product information needed, so we do not waste paper by printing brochures.


How should I store Sharyln & Co products and how long can they be used after opening?

Storage instructions are stated on product labels and our website. Keep your skincare products away from excessive heat and not exposed to direct sunlight. Please store in a cool, dry place and its original container; always close when not in use. If the product requires refrigeration after opening, we will also indicate it on the product label.


Where can I buy Sharyln & Co products?

You can purchase our products on our website,, or in our store at The Plaza (Beach Road). Our products are also available for purchase on Lazada and Shopee. We’ll be where you need us.


Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide! Shipping within Singapore is free with no minimum purchase. We use DHL as our carrier for international shipments. The cost of shipping is calculated based on the weight of the items you purchase. You may contact us to arrange shipping with another carrier if you prefer.


What is your delivery lead time?

For orders placed between Monday to Thursday before 7pm, they will be scheduled to be picked up by Courier the next day unless otherwise stated. For orders placed on after Thursday 7pm to Sunday before 7pm, they will be scheduled to be picked up by Courier on Monday. There may be a delay if the ordering falls on a Public Holiday.

In general, it is around 2-3 days unless unforeseen situation arises for local delivery. More days will be required for overseas delivery depending on which country to send to.


What is the pricing policy of Sharyln & Co, and how do you determine the value of your products and services?

At Sharyln & Co, we believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. We don't run constant promotions or hide any costs from our customers. We offer products and services that are reasonably priced, and we firmly believe that the value of a product is determined by its results. A product that produces the desired outcome is worth the cost, while a product that fails to deliver results, no matter how affordable it is, is ultimately expensive. We prioritise quality over quantity, and our commitment to providing excellent products and services remains unwavering.


Why join Sharyln & Co Family Facebook Group? What are your membership benefits?

Sharyln & Co Family is a customer-only club run on Facebook or Telegram. Only customers who have bought something with us will be accepted. Membership provides access to benefits to help you get the most out of your skin health experience. The best part is, it is free!

Benefits include:

  • Skincare tips
  • Exclusive offer (As a member, you will receive promotions that are better than those offered to the general public)
  • Customer appreciation events (We host monthly or bi-monthly events for our customers to participate in. For example, we have hosted face massage workshop, healthy eating, workplace exercise and eye care workshops)


What can you expect if you visit us at the store?

We welcome you to visit us and enjoy our warm, friendly and professional service over a relaxing drink such as coffee, tea, floral tea or wine.

You will not experience any hard-selling and promotion gimmicks (we hate it just like you!). Read our Google reviews


What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday to Friday from 11.00 am to 8.00 pm. Weekends and public holidays are by appointment only, so don't hesitate to contact us beforehand if you wish to visit during these times. Our founder is often available at the store, so feel free to meet her while you are here.