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Face Acids - What they do to our skin

We’re starting off the first blog of the new year with the topic on *drumroll please* Face Acids!

Why did we choose the topic on face acids out of every single thing that we can cover in the world of skincare, you ask? Well, because they are one of the keys to happy skin!

Sharyln & Co stands by our mission to help you with ALL your skincare needs, but that’s not all. We genuinely care about all of our customers as not just customers, but as family! We wish you all the happiness for the new year, including happy skin!

We know the word ‘acid’ doesn’t give the best image to your minds, but it’s really nothing to be scared of. We’ve had a person who told us that often while just browsing through a skincare lane in a retail store, they picked up a skincare product, saw the name of the acid, and left the product right there because it was scarily confusing. There were also newbies who would read the name of the acid, and think skin care is difficult leading them to be completely demotivated.

Guess what? They’re actually one of the most beneficial skincare ingredients, AND known as miracle tools to fight skincare problems like acne, wrinkles, uneven skin, and more. 


But before that, to newbies, and even to those who aren’t, it can be pretty overwhelming to know which to use and for what. Even worse - which products

And of course, we’re here as your helpful guide to the world of face acids, and recommend to you which products to use.

The must-haves for everyone

Lactic acid is one of the popular ingredients in numerous skincare products nowadays, but did you know? It’s been used all the way since ancient Egypt!


They act as exfoliants by removing the dead skin cells, and also moderate hyperpigmentation. It’s a very notable ingredient because it’s gentle, more hydrating, and effective at treating sun damaged skin so you’ll definitely see a brighter, smoother complexion. 


We show our love for this ingredient a lot too! You can find lactic acid being one of our main ingredients in our KLER Radiance Mask, and our KYLN Spotless Acne Serum.


Additionally, in our KYLN Spotless Acne Serum you can find glycolic acid, and it’s the most fantastic anti-aging agent that does it all! It comes from sugar cane, and much like lactic acid, it’s effective in exfoliating skin, and pigmentation, but it also reduces fine lines, prevents acne, fades dark spots, and more!


The vital tool for sensitive skin

Mandelic acid is the one you have to look out for if you have sensitive skin! It’s less irritating due to its molecular structure but this doesn’t mean it’s weaker in its benefits as compared to others. It’s quite useful for preventing acne, treating sun damage, and also helps even out skin pigmentation.


It works as a great gentle exfoliator too, and is popularly used in peels. You can find this ingredient in our KLER Mandelic Renewal Serum where you can grab all the benefits of mandelic acid in one product.


The definition of healthy skin

If we’re talking about achieving healthy skin, we can’t NOT mention Vitamin C. It’s an antioxidant which means it helps you protect, and repair skin cells from skin damage caused by UV exposure. This is super helpful in melanin production for your skin, and also helps you lighten hyperpigmentation, brown spots, and enhances skin radiance too!


Lightening pigmentation is a major concern for most of us so with this in mind, our KLER Stainless Whitening Elixir was developed. Not only that, it helps balance your skin pH, and hydration level so that your supple skin is maintained.


We wouldn’t want to make things too long so instead of listing out one by one on the acids, below is a summarised version of the useful acids for you!




Lactic, citric, malic, tartaric acids (AHA)

Acts as exfoliants

Lightens uneven pigmentation

Smooths out skin texture

Salicylic acid

Exfoliates skin

Keeps pores clear and reduces acne

Treats acne scars, melasma, sun damage, and age spots

Azelaic acid

Fights moderate acne

Keeps pores clear

Kills bacteria

Reduces inflammation

Lightens skin and fades acne marks

Kojic acid

Whitens skin

Has anti-aging properties

Ascorbic acid

Has anti-aging properties

Treats melasma

Ferulic acid


Protects skin from damaging by UV

Lipoic acid


Has anti-aging properties

Trichloroacetic acid (TCA)

Flattens out scars

Only to be used by professionals

Alguronic acid

Has anti-aging properties


If you’re having a hard time choosing which acid to use, the first thing you need to do is to know what skin problem you want to treat! Remember to always start with a lower concentration and do patch tests!



Best for

Acne-prone skin

Azelaic, Salicylic, Glycolic, Lactic, Mandelic

Mature skin

Glycolic, Lactic, Ascorbic, Ferulic

Pigmented skin

Azelaic, Kojic, Glycolic, Lactic, Ascorbic, Ferulic 

Our blog this time around has been a little on facts, facts, and more facts but we’ll be glad if we answered some questions or curiosity you were having. Hope we removed that scary image of face acids in skincare for some of you too! 


If you’re still having the hard time figuring out which acids or products to use, we’d love to help! Just book a consultation with us and we’ll even build you a personal skincare routine that would fit you!


We’re not kidding when we say the existence of using these face acids is essential for skin care so do try it out yourself, and see the positive changes it will bring for you, and your skin today! Maybe it’s a new change for you this new year?


Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s all work towards our skincare resolutions this year!

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