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Video - Is facial wipes good

#asksharyln day is here again!

Today we have a question from Joey. She asked if facial wipes is good. There is no good or bad but more on how you use it. Wipes tend to have ingredients that irritate skin thus if you have acne skincare, it is better to avoid.

If you use wipes to remove makeup, please always double cleanse with gel cleanser like how you double cleanse when you use cleansing milk, Miscellar water or cleansing oil. This will ensure your skin is clean and ready for skincare applications.

If you are thinking what cleansing milk and gel cleanser to buy, you can consider our new products #KARE Gentle Milk Cleanser and Gentle Gel Cleanser. They are free from parabens, SLS, alcohol, formaldehyde, mineral oils, artificial fragrance. .

We like to answer your skincare woes. Leave us your questions in the comment or private msg us. . Take care


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