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What is Mandelic Acid, and why it should be in your routine?

The world of skincare and general body treatment has been dominated by different types of solutions previously. One such commonly used ingredient is glycolic acid, a kind of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). Due to its small molecular weight and ease of penetrating the skin, most skin care producers add glycolic and some other AHA like salicylic and citric acid as the main ingredient of their products.


This article introduces another such AHA, the mandelic acid, and also seeks to make strong advocacy for its consistent usage in most, if not all, skincare regimes. Mandelic acid is unarguably the most 'gentle on the skin' AHA. Gotten from bitter almonds, this is made possible by its property of being one of the AHA with the most massive molecular weight. With considerable value, the penetration rate on the skin becomes slow and effective. This provide almost all skincare benefits available in other AHA with extra offers ranging from making the skin firm to exfoliation to increasing skin hydration, among others.

One other notable advantage is its usage rarely causes skin irritations and redness of the skin as complained of in to most other alpha hydroxy acids. Its use in some chemical peels as an exfoliate for dead skin cell removal and its ability to enhance collagen protein production responsible for improved skin appearance also stand it out among other AHAs.

As if the premium comfort enjoyed when mandelic acid is being used is not enough, a skincare regime made of mandelic acid has to stay in your cosmetic box always for the following reasons:

  • Helps deal with acne – take care of acne by applying mandalic acid-based skin care products as recommended by aesthetician or dermatologist. The gentle acid will penetrate into the sebaceous glands to reduce inflammation, regulate the sebum production, and unclog your skin pores.
  • Decrease the effect of aging and wrinkles – while collagen production would generally reduce as the body ages, a youthful appearance can be maintained by applying skincare containing mandelic acid. It softens appearances of some fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation – this our potent AHA will lighten dark spots on the skin such as melasma. You may see up to 50% lightening under four weeks.
  • Improvement of skin texture - your skin is made firmer and smoother by mandelic acid's exfoliating action. This action removes dead skin cells.

Under proper usage, mandelic acid may under two weeks, transform your skin, and take care of all your concerns.

As good as this natural ingredient is, you should also take some precautions in its usage. Some people can use mandelic acid without a problem. You should stop using it if you experience any type of irritation, including redness, swelling or itching. If skin irritation develops after several days or weeks of using mandelic acid, this might be due to overuse. Reduce the number of times to see if your skin improves. You may wish to seek professional advice from certified aestheticians and dermatologists before you start.


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