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Why skincare video consultation can benefit your skin

Most of us will think of visiting a beauty salon or aesthetic clinic to have skincare consultation. The shift to using video consultation increases when the COVID-19 pandemic and Circuit Breaker took place.

At Sharyln & Co, we offer a video consultation to save our customers the hassle to travel to us all these while. This also reduces customer’s worry of being hard-sell to. If you think we are hard selling you, you can leave the video call (Thank God that this has not happened).

Your skin is special. It is unique!

Video consultation let you meet a dermatologist or an aesthetician without leaving home. It allows you to find out skincare advice that is personalised to you. Yes, you may be able to find many skincare information everywhere, they are only for your general knowledge.

Typically at Sharyln & Co, once you book a video consultation with us, we will send you an online skin profiling form to fill. You will submit back to us with your photos before the consultation. During the consultation, we will address your questions, concerns and skincare’s goals. We also further clarify on the answers you provided in the form. Since you are likely to be home, we often request you to show us the skincare products that you are using too. This helps us to know your skincare regime better and be able to offer a more personalised recommendation.

We will recommend the ideal solution according to your lifestyle preferences, habits and budget. It includes buying suitable products at the pharmacy or beauty stores and visiting a doctor. It is not about promoting our products and services. The value we want to give is “what you need” and not “what we have to offer”.

"Sharyln did a video consultation to help review my current skincare routine and products. She gave practical tips on how I could reduce using exfoliator or cleanser with salicylic acid to prevent dehydrating my skin. She even shared about the different type of sunblocks when she heard my occupation is mostly outdoors. I would feel safe under the care of Sharyln! And highly recommend anyone with skincare concerns to approach her! You will be in safe hands"

Jasmine, Project Manager

If you are going to have your first video chat with a dermatologist or us, there are a few things you can prepare:

  • Send photos of your skin without makeup and image filter beforehand. This allows us to see what we are working with and understand your skin concerns.
  • List down the questions you wish to ask and find out.
  • Find a spot where there is proper or enough lighting to allow the camera to capture your skin in the video call. A poor lighting can make consultation a little tricky.
  • Be in a quiet spot and ensure you have a stable wifi. This is important as you would like to ensure you can hear what your doctor or we say.

Other than saving time on travelling and waiting in the queue, video consultation is suitable for you if you like to have the following

  • receive your skin analysis report.
  • gain a clear understanding of your skin and its condition.
  • learn about products and treatments in the market, know which one suits you and which doesn't
  • receive your personalised treatment plan that considers your lifestyle preferences
  • learn how to take care of your skin.

With all the benefits of video consultation, it is still best paired with an in-person consultation. Afterall skin is the largest organ of our body, it requires your attention to keep it in tip-top condition.


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