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KLER SCARLESS Serum 2.2ml + Derma Stamper
KLER SCARLESS Serum 2.2ml + Derma Stamper
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, KLER SCARLESS Serum 2.2ml + Derma Stamper

KLER SCARLESS Serum 2.2ml + Derma Stamper

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KLER SCARLESS Serum is a dermal care product with 1% c-PDRN (Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide), Hyaluronic Acids and Tranexamic Acid. It has been used for skin regeneration treatment and its effect and safety were approved through various clinical studies.

The serum comes with a Micro Derma Stamper (microneedle) which promotes the penetration of SCARLESS. Studies have proven that micro-injury stimulates the skin repair mechanism to release various cell growth factors eg EGF to repair the skin. Through stamping, the skin allowed serum to penetrate into skin deep to work with the cell growth factors to regenerate the skin.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes skin tissue regeneration and wound healing with Salmon DNA (PDRN)
  • See up to 10% improvement after 1 treatment
  • Minimizes enlarged pores and improves skin texture
  • Lightens mild to moderate pigmentation and acne marks
  • Regulates oily skin
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • stimulating fibroblast and collagen substances by promoting the secretion of various cell growth factors such as FGF, EGF and IGF.
  • Suitable for all skin types

Size / Made In

2.2ml with a Derma Stamper. Made in Korea.

User Testimonial


Vishaw, JC Student. After 3 bottles of Scarless.


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How to use

A bottle of SCARLESS can last 4-5 days depending on the size of the treatment area. Detailed instructions will be provided.


Water, Mannitol, Sodium DNA (Poly Deoxy Ribo Nucleotide), Sodium Chloride, Collagen

Contraindications / Cautions 

Please avoid intense sun exposure, sauna, steam bath, applying oil-based skincare and facial scrub for the next 2 days after stamping. Avoid facial treatment such as laser, acid/chemical peel, diamond peel and intense facial massage for 1 week.

Depending on the severity of your acne scars, you will start to see improvement in skin texture after 3-5 weekly treatments. 

As it is a stimulating treatment, some users experience minor breakouts. If irritations occur, please stop using, inform us immediately and see a doctor. 

Depending on your skincare regime, skin condition and lifestyle, results may vary.

  • Do not use on Keloids or skin cancer
  • Do not use Derma Stamper on open wounds
  • Do not use an area that is injected with cross-linked HA Fillers within the last 3 months


    Store in the fridge after opening. Avoid direct light and heat. Keep container closed after use. Discard 5 days after opening