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KLER Skin Renew Treatment [1 session]

KLER Skin Renew Treatment [1 session]

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KLER Skin Renew Treatment uses Fractional RF to create micro injury to your skin to stimulate the skin repair mechanism to release various cell growth factors such as Epidermal Growth Factor (EFG) repair skin blemishes. This is almost equivalent to you having 50 sessions of microneedling treatment. This treatment is recommended if you have moderate to severe skin conditions of acne scars, enlarged pores, wrinkles and pigmentation or if you wish to improve skin texture in a shortest time.


This treatment can be paired with either KLER SCARLESS Serum or KLER STAINLESS Whitening Elixir and will be completed with KLER Collagen Whitening Mask. The pairing serum is an add-on item which will be charged separately. The price of the serum will be charged at 25% discount when paired with this treatment.



  • Promotes skin tissue regeneration and wound healing
  • Reduce acne scars and wrinkles
  • Minimizes enlarged pores and improves skin texture
  • Lightens mild to moderate pigmentation and acne marks
  • stimulating fibroblast and collagen substances by promoting the secretion of various cell growth factors such as FGF, EGF and IGF.



  • Not suitable for use on skin disorders eg. Keloids, skin cancer
  • Not suitable for use on active acne skin condition, unrecovered injury and inflamed skin
  • KLER SCARLESS Serum is not suitable on area that is injected with cross-linked HA Fillers within the last 3 months
  • Dark skin tone, hypertropic scarring and diabetic customers will require consultation to check for suitability
  • Should you have chemical peel done or taking Rocutane/Accutane/Retin-A or Aspirin, you will only be able to undergo this treatment after stopping for 2 weeks.
  • Not suitable for pregnant moms



  • Consultation
  • Cleansing and pre treatment
  • Actual treatment
  • Apply chosen serum (if any)
  • KLER Collagen Whitening Mask



There is a downtime of 2-4 days. Apply the balance of the chosen serum, hydrating moisturiser and sunblock. Crusting will fall off during face cleansing. Avoid intense sun exposure, sauna, steam bath and applying oil-based skincare for next 3 days. Avoid facial scrub for next 10 days. Avoid facial treatment such as laser, acid/chemical peel, diamond peel and intense facial massage for 2 weeks.



Improvement can be seen 1 week after the first treatment. Depending on the severity of your skin condition, your skincare regime, and lifestyle, results will vary. For optimal results, we recommend you to book a skincare consultation to have a personalised treatment program.



Upper Paya Lebar



Unless you have done this treatment before, we recommend you to book a consultation with us to check your suitability before making purchase online.



Every session purchased will have a validity of 30 days. If you purchase a package of 3 or more sessions, the validity will be the number of sessions purchased multiple by 30 days with additional 30 days.


1 session : to use within 30 days from purchased date

3 sessions : to use within 4 months from purchased date