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KLER STAINLESS Whitening Elixir 3ml + Derma Stamper - Sharyln & Co
KLER STAINLESS Whitening Elixir 3ml + Derma Stamper - Sharyln & Co
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, KLER STAINLESS Whitening Elixir 3ml + Derma Stamper - Sharyln & Co
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, KLER STAINLESS Whitening Elixir 3ml + Derma Stamper - Sharyln & Co

KLER STAINLESS Whitening Elixir 3ml + Derma Stamper

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Lighten your pigmentation!

KLER Stainless Whitening Elixir effectively lightens targeted pigmentation with 1-Aminoethylphosphininc Acid and Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate. It inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme responsible for the first step in melanin production.

You will experience brighter and pigment-free skin. The serum comes with a Micro Derma Stamper (micro-needle) which promotes the penetration of STAINLESS. 

1-Aminoethylphosphininc Acid
A type of amino acid and lightening agent because it inhibits melanin (skin pigmentation) production by limiting the enzymatic activity of Tyrosinase.

Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate
Is a water-soluble form of azelaic acid that offers similar advantages to pure azelaic acid. This compound is a gentle anti-inflammatory agent, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin. It can effectively alleviate symptoms of rosacea and acne while also helping to reduce post-acne pigmentation.

Key Benefits

  • Lighten pigmentation (dark spots, age spot, marks, freckles, melasma)
  • See up to 10% improvement after 1 treatment
  • Balance skin pH and hydration level to keep skin supple
  • Reduce fine lines
  • Reduce the chance of new pigmentation from appearing
  • Suitable for all skin types

Size / Made

3ml with a Derma Stamper. Made in Korea

User Testimonial

My cheeks had freckles due to dry skin and sun exposure. They began to form patches during the recent years. Instead of having rosy cheeks, I was having grey cheeks even after concealer. I heard about KLER from colleague and decided to try. Sharyln did a comprehensive skin profiling to find out my skin conditions and lifestyle before proposing a treatment plan for me. All I want is to reduce the pigmentation. I'm glad after 3 months, the colour lightened and reduced greatly. I continue the treatment every month as maintenance. 

Yulin, 59, supervisor

I have been using their stainless for my pigmenation. For 2 bottles I have seen drastic improvements. Of course the pigmenation won't go away but with stainless it actually lighten it alot. I used to use concealer on my pigmentation but now I only use their tinted sunblock and I look good on it. Will continue to use for better result and maintainance. Highly recommended.

Anna Tan, Administrative

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How to use

This is 6-day treatment with 3 days of derma stamping. A bottle can last 4-5 days depending on the size of the treatment area. Store in refrigerator after opening. Discard after 6 days.

Guidance will be given.


Deionised Water, 1-Aminoethylphosphininc Acid, Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerine, Phenoxyethanol, Fragrance..

Contraindications / Cautions 

As it is a stimulating treatment, some users experience minor breakouts. If irritations occur, please stop using, inform us immediately and see a doctor. 

Depending on your skincare regime, skin condition and lifestyle, results may vary. It is not suitable for eczema, keloids, open wounds, skin cancer, birthmark. For sunburnt skin, please wait for your skin to recover before using.

Results Expectations

The lightening effect starts gradually after 3 days. Depending on the size, depth, colour of the pigmentation, the results after 1 treatment varies between 10-15%. For freckles, it is harder for naked eyes to see a difference as compared to a patch type of pigmentation. 3-4 treatments are recommended to see visible results. To see optimal results, the recommendation will be based on your preference to have treatment at home and/or at our aesthetics centre. Contact us for more enquiry.


Store in the fridge after opening. Avoid direct light and heat. Keep container closed after use. Discard 6 days after opening