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Let KYLN Maskne Toner eliminates acne bacteria for you.

It was first formulated to help those who had maskne when we were wearing masks daily during Covid-19. Now it is still continuing to help control excessive sebum production and eliminate acne bacteria.

Cutibacterium acnes (formerly Propionibacterium acnes/P.acnes) is a gram-positive commensal bacterium that causes acne on the skin and Yes, they are found overall our skin. P. acnes releases lipase that produces fatty acids by digesting sebum, creating inflammation of the skin.

We know it doesn’t look beautiful to have pimples on the face and body. KYLN Maskne Toner is here to save you from the woes.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminates Cutibacterium acnes (or P.acnes) and protect skin up to 24hrs
  • Prevent and reduce acne breakouts 
  • Suitable for face and body
  • Non-drying to skin. No sticky feeling
  • Suitable for all ages (adults and children)
  • No toxic, alcohol and fragrance
  • Water-based. Hypoallergenic
  • Natural ingredients

Size / Country

30ml spray bottle. Made in Australia
Available in 100ml

User Testimonial

I am fortunate to be introduced to the Maskne Toner and Ezcema Soother by Sharyln & Co. These products are made from natural ingredients and offer almost instant relieve and help with healing of the skin. I experience a faster recovery of my distressed skin. Highly recommended.

Dr Yue Weng Cheu, DP Dental

Many hours of wearing mask in my optometry shop, noticed some skin breakouts for my staffs. Read about KYLN maskne tone online, bought a few to try. Surprisingly it works. Good product !

Kai Hung, KJ Optometrist

I have typical sensitive and oily skin, prone to hormonal acne breakout especially along my jawline. Ever since the pandemic, when nurses were required to wear N95 at all times, my face never get better, in fact it got worse day by day. I was devastated and extremely insecure. I have been using the Maskne Toner for a week now, it definitely helps to curb my breakout. It is easily absorbed and doesn't irritate my skin at all. I am glad that I found this product!

Brenda Yong,  Nurse


I get to know this brand while I am looking for products online that help clog pores. I saw this promotion for maskne Toner. Just a small bottle and reasonably price, free delivery, I don't mind to give a try. After using for 3 weeks, I was very impressed that it actually smoothen my skin and I have less breakouts!!! I personally feels that this product have exceeded my expectations. I was also surprised when my regular beautician noticed the difference and ask if I have used different product. And now this is a must use product which I cannot live without it :)

Eunice Heng

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How to use

If you have existing pimples:

Spray KYLN MASKNE Toner after face wash. Apply KYLN SPOTLESS Acne Serum or non-alcohol based acne serum on pimples followed by usual skincare. Before wearing a surgical mask, spray some MASKNE.

If you don’t have pimple:

Spray MASKNE on the face, let dry and wear your surgical mask.

The protection lasts up to 24hrs if the area is not being wiped or washed. You can reapply after a few hours if you perspire a lot.


Water (demineralised), Organic Fruit Acids, Organic Vegetable Glycerine, Bitter Orange Extract.

Contraindications / Cautions

Do not use this product concurrently with alcohol-based product. This product is not a moisturiser. Please apply an alcohol-free moisturiser after using this product to keep skin moisturised. 


Store in a cool, dry place. Product can last till expiry date If you don’t open the cover. If you open the cover, discard 6 months after.