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Mini Skincare Kits

Mini Skincare Kits

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Selections of Mini Skincare Kit for gift, travel or putting to gym bag

Acne Care Mini Kit $28

  • KYLN Maskne Toner 5ml
  • KYLN Spotless Acne Serum 5ml
  • KARE Skin Soother Moisturiser 5ml

Duo Sunblock Mini Kit $30

  • KARE Skin Defender SPF 35 5ml
  • KARE Skin Protector Tinted SPF 50 5ml

Defence & Eye Mini Kit $25

  • KARE Skin Defender SPF35 5ml
  • KARE Eye Beautifier 3ml

Bright & Hydrate Mini Kit $35

  • KLER MelaClear Brightening Serum 5ml
  • KARE Skin Hydrator Moisturiser 5ml

Eczema Care Mini Kit $25

  • KARE Eczema Soother Toner 5ml
  • KARE Skin Soother Moisturiser 5ml
  • KARE Body Soother Cream 5g