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REJURAN Healing Mask - Sharyln & Co

REJURAN Healing Mask

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A ‘Healing Mask’: its ultra-microfiber sheet infused with the active ingredient adheres closed to your skin relieving sensitive skin after facial treatment and external stressors.


Key Benefits

1. Fortifying and rejuvenating ingredients for skin ‘Turnover’

Formulated for skin concerns with potent c-PDRN to improve skin’s appearance, Centella Asiatica Extract for soothing and plant-based collagen to nourish the skin.

2. All-in-one skincare enhancing firmness, elasticity & whitening

Certified dual functional product for whitening and wrinkle making the skin looks healthier, firmer and more radiant.

3. Made of ultra-microfiber sheet

Its ultra-fine microfiber sheet infused with the active ingredient adheres close to your skin with hydrating and soothing properties.


Key Ingredients

c-PDRN | Grape Fruit Extract | Asparagus Officinalis Stem Extract | Centella Aisatica Extract


How to apply

Apply the mask over cleansed face. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, and then remove and discard the mask. Massage any remaining essence into the skin.

Normal to dry skin - up to twice weekly

Normal to oily skin - once a week