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3 "seldom-heard" skincare ingredients that age-proof your skin

Here’s a fun fact about Sharyln & Co to get to know us better - we watch Korean dramas. Plugging in a personal recommendation here but I, for one, enjoy this drama called ‘True Beauty’. It’s about this young teenage girl who was always ridiculed for her appearance and picked up a superb makeup skill which kind of changed her life. Along the way, she matured and lived her life with confidence.

I’ll stop with the plot premises here before I end up spoiling the whole thing but what I can’t help but notice while watching these dramas are the absolute clear skin of not only the actresses but also actors, kids, parents, extras, EVERYONE! 

As if it ever left, a dewy, glowy and bright complexion is back in with everyone from students to beauty bloggers aiming to achieve the look. And of course, it would not be totally wrong to say that the inspiration comes from the Korean beauty trend called ‘glass skin’ which basically is a poreless, dewy skin with a really bright finish that allows the person to have this ‘youthful’ and ‘soft’ look to them. 

Of course, this look may seem tough or that it requires a lot of work and research put into it but hey! We’re feeling a little too ecstatic, this month being our second anniversary and all, that we’re gonna let you in on some special tips.

Commit to a Good Routine

Remember, luminous and dewy skin doesn’t require heavy steps and products to achieve! The most important factor that leads you to have youthful skin is hydration. You just need to be consistent with your skincare routine to reduce the likelihood of dryness. If you still don’t have a solid routine or if you’re looking for a more efficient one, you can check out our past blog where we suggested some basic and ideal skin care routines that can be applied for both men and women.

A Little Makeup Goes a Long Way

We may be a skincare-focused company but that doesn’t mean we’re anti-makeup. More or less, we think skincare and makeup work hand in hand in achieving that confidence so we’d say go for it! Here’s a special tip from us to make your face look youthful and slimmer. Use a little bit of highlighter over the cheekbones with light-reflecting cream or gel (p.s you may ditch the heavy contouring) to shine and accentuate the peaks of your face.

Must-Have Ingredients in Your Skincare Products

It is always a good habit to take a look at the ingredients list before you buy any skincare product. Not only do you reduce the risk of harming your skin with an ingredient that you are allergic to but you can keep a lookout for products with these following ingredients that help you achieve bright, dewy skin and youthful eyes.



Deriving from sugar beet, betaine is a highly effective moisture-retaining agent that hydrates and maintains skin moisture balance. It also strengthens skin barrier function and has good anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, its specific molecular structure imparts a silky, smooth sensorial feel. 

Our very own KARE Skin Repair Mask contains this ingredient and, dare we say, it’s the best for a refreshing and moisture restoring mask at the end of our day


Citrus Unshiu Extract

Derived from satsuma mandarins, It is an inhibitor of melanogenesis that helps to lighten skin and age spots. It also contains antioxidant components such as carotenoids, coumarins and flavonoids that are useful for the skin to protect itself from UV damage - perfect for our hot and humid Singapore weather.

Our KLER MelaClear Brightening Serum contains this ingredient and it’s our go-to for brightening up our skin! Plus, it effectively reduces pigmentation so we hit two birds with one stone!


Albizia Julibrissin Bark Extract

The Albizia julibrissin, also known as silk tree or silk acacia, has silky stamens of creamy white, light to dark pink colour and it is valued for its antioxidant properties. In cosmetic products, it acts as an energy booster, improves cell respiration and counteracts the formation of wrinkles. Not to mention, the extract obtained from the bark of the silk tree improves the natural skin protection barrier and promotes collagen and elastin production, thus reducing signs of skin fatigue. Albizia julibrissin also counteracts dark circles under the eyes and bags under the eyes, leaving the skin looking fresh and youthful.


If it’s the first time you’re hearing about this ingredient and you don’t even know where to start finding it, fear not. Our very own KARE Eye Beautifier has this ingredient! It’s perfect for those who forget to take care of their skin around the eyes especially with our crazy screen time.

And that’s it to be the main character in your very own Kdrama! Just remember that hydration, commitment and research are all that you need for the luscious, dewy, bright skin! Well, we’re off to continue the next episode of our drama so we will see you all with more tips on our social media and e-newsletters so follow and join our family today!


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