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Skincare you need for 2021 Christmas and 2022 New Year

Let’s be honest here, 2021 was not the best year for all of us. We still haven’t gone out of the pandemic, and the whole year was filled with good news, and bad news.

But hey! The holidays are not cancelled, and the festive mood is still up, and burning this December! The fancy festive decorations are up, holiday songs are blasting away, and the Christmas meet-ups are gearing to go.

Large parties, and travel plans might not be the best decision this year, but we get to have some great quality time with our loved ones in the five (dare we say) biggest end of the year events - Christmas, and New Year’s!

And you bet, we, Sharyln & Co, are not going to be down, and moody this holiday season, and will be celebrating (safely, of course) to the best of our abilities with our loved ones! 

Tis’ the season of get-togethers so this being said, we’re sure that we all want to look and feel our best while creating new, and vibrant memories to live beyond the season. 

Minimise Skin Damage

Singapore changes weather like clothes because it’s so unpredictable! And our winter isn’t really the cold, damp, and snowy winter that other Western countries have, but still, the greatest time of the year may not really be the greatest time for our skin so here’s what you should do.

Be consistent 

We can’t stress enough on how important this is! We fully understand that not all of us have the time to do a 10 step skincare routine so we wrote up a personal skin routine recommendation that’s under 3 steps so check it out!

Wear SPF 

It’s sunny? Wear sunscreen. It’s raining? Wear sunscreen. Staying indoors? Wear sunscreen! It’s essential to say the least because UV rays are present everywhere, and it will do some bad stuff to your skin if it's not protected. If you prefer moisturiser that contains SPF, make sure to reapply them regularly too! 

Catch some zzz’s

We understand this is easier said than done for most of us but lack of sleep really does impact our skin’s conditions, and will give bags under your eyes.

Instant Glamour To Look The Best

Sharyln & Co is to the rescue! It’s going to be a festive frenzy up ahead from here, and if you just need that little extra boost in your confidence to be looking effortlessly glam, continue reading on. We may not be going out like we used to but who said we can’t dress, and look gorgeous!


Who doesn’t want to look fresh, bright, and youthful all year long! If your face is lacking some hydration or radiance or even a bit of both, it’s totally normal! So before you put any makeup on your face, you should prepare the beautiful canvas for makeup to sit, and let your best self shine through.

To treat yourself to some tender-loving care from all the stress, we’re recommending some skin tightening treatments like our Skin Firmer Facial that also gives a sharper jawline or our FirmBright Facial that firm, hydrates, and brightens your skin.

For those who are busy yet want an effective quick facial, we’d say our Skin Refresher Facial is the one for you. 30mins to clearer, healthier skin. 

Lighten your skin pigmentation with our Skin Brightener Facial to fade away some of those imperfections caused by the sun, and correct uneven skin tones.

Last but definitely not the least, try out our KLER HydraGlow Facial because it is a MUST-HAVE treatment before attending any special occasions since it will leave you with glowy, supple, and hydrated skin like never-before! It corrects your skin’s photo damage too.


If you ask us what’s the one feature we’d choose to put all our effort on with makeup, it’ll be the eyes! Especially now, since the bottom half of our face is mostly covered by our masks, it’s all about experimenting with the eyes to give people the best taste of your beauty. 

Dropping some personal recommendations but we’d say the eye makeup products from Ange Gardien Paris – specifically their Sleek Artistry Eyebrow Pencil, and Here’s Proof Volumising Mascara are *chef’s kiss* one of the best products we have personally tried. And by that we mean our very own founder even wore the products to Pulau Ubin for a day of cycling, and she didn’t become a panda! That’s right – not a single smudge! 

We shouldn’t forget about skin care for the eyes too! They’re as important as the rest of our face since we spend hours, and hours of screen time daily. So if you want to improve dark circles or prevent premature lines from forming near your eyes you should check out our KARE Eye Beautifier.


To put a cherry on top, we’re letting you know that we created a special bundle set available for purchase that includes all the products mentioned here as our gift for you during the holidays!


That’s all of our special curated recommendations to prepare you into looking your best this holiday season. We’re confident you’ll be glowing in no time! 

Don’t forget! While it’s fun to buy gifts for your loved ones, remember that you should show appreciation for yourself too! So what are you waiting for? Go treat, and indulge yourself in some glowing, holiday-ready skin this instant!


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