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Layering your skincare products 101

It’s 2022 and everyone seems to understand the importance and is well-versed in skincare by now, right? If you’re not, we’re sure you wouldn’t be reading this haha!

But there’s also one wall that all of us seem to be stuck with no matter whether we are a novice or a professional. The order of the skincare routine.

It may sound dramatic and as much as we want to tell you the order doesn’t matter…it does..very much so. If you layer your products in the wrong order, that is when you could render your products totally ineffective.

We’re sure you would want to reap all the benefits from your skincare products that you invested in. Let’s not make your wallets cry so below is a guide for you to layer your skincare products!

Choose wisely and adapt!

Choosing the right products at the right time and applying in the right order makes a lot of difference! You might be already aware of your skin type but for your skin concerns, choose serums and treatments that properly target them.

Layer from lightest to heaviest

There’s a reason why we set up our steps the way we did and the main reason is the above! Start by putting the thinnest, fast-absorbing product eg water-based serum on your face first and then layer the heaviest over it and finally the thickest formula which is usually your SPF products.

Step 1: Cleanse
The godly step one should never skip. Remove your makeup and wash your face regularly before putting on any products. This is so that you remove all the oil and dirt and the ingredients in your skincare can be absorbed properly. 

We recommend cleansing AM and PM daily! Make sure the water isn’t too warm because hot water can strip skin of its natural oils and will leave your skin to be dry and tight.

Step 2: Treat
Treat your skin with serums and essences! These are skincare that usually contain active ingredients and be able to penetrate deeper into your skin. You’ll find a range of different treatment serums that can target different skincare problems and goals. Do not apply more than 2 serums each time as our skin can only absorb limited amounts of skincare.

Step 3: Moisturise
Moisturisers help you lock your moisture into the skin and help you to keep your skin barrier strong. A moisturiser that contains ceramides will be excellent. 

Step 4: SPF
Sun exposure and too much UV rays can damage your skin and collagen which can cause hyperpigmentation and show signs of ageing. Minimum SPF40 is recommended if you are in Singapore, the sunny island.

Products you should not mix

Most products can be used together safely but we should always take extra care! Firstly, Vitamin C and Retinol shouldn’t be mixed because it might cause irritation. So we’d suggest using vitamin C in the morning (for antioxidants effects) and Retinol at night (increase sun sensitivity).

We also wouldn’t suggest using exfoliating acid daily because not only it can cause irritation, it will also risk you of over-exfoliation. Maximum usage will be up to 4 times per week depending on the strength and type of exfoliating acids you are using. lf you’re curious on incorporating acids more into your routine, check out our previous blog on face acids!

We hope we just helped you untangle some confusion about how to layer skincare after seeing our guide! Just letting you know, we’re always open to talk to you if you’re still unsure or have any burning questions so just drop us a message or come visit us!

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